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    Supporting Sustainable Water Management
    The European Water Stewardship Program supports and develops initiatives to improve sustainable water management.

Avoid water-related risks.

EWS helps you to assess and address water-related risks efficiently and pro-actively. Risks may include polluted water; a lack of available water; risk of floodings and various regulatory or reputational risks.

Reduce water-related costs.

EWS helps you to assess water-related costs and identify and achieve cost savings. Costs related to water can be high and include loss of energy, raw material; treatment; disposal charges.

Comply with legislation.

European and national legislation on water is complex and developments often hard to follow in detail. EWS provides a practical tool to ensure you comply with current and future legislation.

Benefit from new business opportunities.

The network around the European Water Stewardship is growing fast. By becoming part of this network, you have access to knowledge and expertise on the best practices and newest innovations on sustainable water management.

Communicate your level of water performance.

An EWS assessment will not only enable you to reduce risks, costs and ensure you comply with legislation. You can also communicate your leading position on sustainable water management by achieving an EWS gold, silver or bronze certificate.

Looking to become a qualified implementor?

Follow this link to find more information about the call expression of interest for qualified implementors.  Apply here if you want to join the call.