The European Water Stewardship (EWS), represents a flagship initiative of the European Water Partnership, and is dedicated to advancing Water Stewardship and responding to the growing need for robust and credible water risk management around Europe. The core part of EWS, the EWS standard, is the result of an international, multi-stakeholder process that enables European businesses to assess, verify and communicate responsible Water Stewardship practices. EWS is committed to sharing knowledge based on the experiences implementing EWS standard on-site.

EWS trainings and workshops are built on EWS's strong commitment to knowledge share and draw on on-site EWS standard implementation. Their format allows practitioners to strengthen their knowledge and skills through participation in interactive learning together with experts and peers.

There are two types of EWS trainings:

- Profound knowledge on Water Stewardship, including basic concept of Water Stewardship, its four principles and its implementation. This is ideal for people, who want   to obtain understanding of Water Stewardship and of ways to improve their on-site water management. Follow this link to find more information.

- Initial training, as a first step to becoming an EWS Approved Certification body or EWS Recommended Consultant, giving them the ability to certify their clients to the     EWS standard. Follow this link to find more information.